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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

About 5 years ago, my family started a new tradition as part of our annual New Year's Eve family celebration. We have the following survey saved on computer. Each year I print out a copy for each family member and we fill it out. We've kept the surveys in a binder and it is fun to see how we've all evolved over time. Anyway, I thought I'd post on my neglected blog and wish all my readers a Happy 2008 by sharing this year's survey with you. I do have to note that our home version includes spaces for "height" and "weight" (particularly interesting for growing kids and dieting parents), but I'm leaving those categories off my online survey. Feel free to steal my format for your own blogs if you wish.

List your favorites from 2007:

Book: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
Movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
TV Show: What Not to Wear
Song: The Prayer
Singer/Group: Celtic Woman
Holiday: St. Patrick's Day!
Christmas Gift: Coffee maker with built-in grinder
Dinner Food: vegetarian lasagna, salad, garlic bread and red wine
Snack: chips and dip (very unhealthy!)
Ice Cream Flavor: Death by Chocolate
Drink: Snapple Diet Peach Tea
Color: (changes constantly but today...) pink
Hobby/Relaxing Thing: scrapbooking
Toy: my son's handheld Sudoku game

Where did you go on vacation?
Smoky Mountains National Park (and Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN)

What 2 news stories do you remember most?
1 the ongoing war in Iraq
2 recall of toys made in China

What is your proudest accomplishment this year?
FINALLY being chosen to fill two maternity leaves!

What will you remember this year for?
Hopefully this is a turning point in my career. This is the year I hit rock bottom and I'm ready for an upswing.

Make 1 New Year’s Resolution!!
Everything is possible with babysteps!

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